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There are just some bands that are FUN. They’re bands that have an amazing stage show, are quite unique, have lots of charisma, and are always a blast to shoot. They’re bands that whenever they are in town, if I am able to, I get a photopass, regardless of how many other times I’ve photographed them.

Semi-Precious Weapons.
Foxy Shazam.

And, of course, Steel Panther.

This was a sold-out show, so obviously, I’m not the only one that thinks Steel Panther is worth hanging out with for an evening.


Spin Chicago Photoblog 2

My second photoblog for was published today.

I particularly like this set of photos because it’s really diverse. I have everything from 80s metal band Steel Panther, Bluegrass from A Night In The Box, a recording session from Treaty of Paris, electronica with Ladyhawke, and Finnish metal with Sonata Arctica. And that’s just the start!

Go check it out!

Steel Panther @ Double Door

Earlier this evening, I tweeted that I had shot zombies three times this week. Tomorrow, I will post photos from the other zombie photoshoots, but I thought I’d give everyone a quick little glimpse into a typical Sunday night for me (said with only a little bit of sarcasm)… (more…)