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It was fate that we were able to make this show. I had a shoot earlier in the evening, and the set times lined up just right where we walked in mere minutes before The Frantic started playing. Hopefully that kind of serendipity happens again soon, because seeing The Frantic once every six months isn’t enough.


It’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen Company of Thieves. In fact, I even planned a trip to California around this concert because I didn’t want to miss them again. And I’m so glad I did because this was their first time headlining Metro, and as any Chicago band or regular concert-attendee knows, headlining Metro is a big deal. It’s the place where many Chicagoians see one of their first concerts, and is certainly one of the most historic venues in the city.

CoT is going on tour next month, so check out their tour dates, and definitely go if they’re near you. If I planned a vacation around their show, you know they’re good.


There are just some bands that are FUN. They’re bands that have an amazing stage show, are quite unique, have lots of charisma, and are always a blast to shoot. They’re bands that whenever they are in town, if I am able to, I get a photopass, regardless of how many other times I’ve photographed them.

Semi-Precious Weapons.
Foxy Shazam.

And, of course, Steel Panther.

This was a sold-out show, so obviously, I’m not the only one that thinks Steel Panther is worth hanging out with for an evening.


Yearly, Ludo plays “A Very Ludo Christmas” in their hometown of St. Louis. This show always promises to be a wonderland of large decorations, costumed characters, and craziness. Up until this last year, it was always something we heard about, but never were able to see. But, this time, Ludo brought the show to Chicago too, which was wonderful, because Chicago loves them. As you can tell from the photos, there was no holding back: a candy cane arch surrounded the stage, presents/Christmas tress/angels/garland adorned the stage, confetti was flying, and even Santa came out to say hi. Since these are photos, you can’t see that Christmas carols were sung, but trust me, they were.

Definitely the Christmas party of the year.

Left to Right: Augie and Dan (from Last Fast Action), Tom and Tim (from The Plain White Ts)

Treaty of Paris got together again for a night to open up for Ludo’s Christmas show (speaking of Ludo, keep an eye out for the next post) a few weeks ago.

Merry Christmas to us. We love Treaty of Paris.

Oh, Mike… elves don’t smoke.