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Broken Bride @ Dominican University

No, this is not music photography, per se. But it is related…

Ludo, one of my favorite bands, wrote a “rock opera” several years ago entitled Broken Bride. It’s a fantastic CD, both musically and plot-wise. (more…)

Ludo @ The House of Blues

I have known and loved Ludo for years and years. I remember them playing small community centers in the Chicago-area to a room of no more than 100 people. Even back then, their quirkiness made them stand out from the rest of the acts. I love that they are now playing to sold out crowds at House of Blues and in regular rotation on the radio; I love it even more that they’re still the same crazy Ludo that I’ve been listening to since early 2003.

Ludo was main support for Relient K in the Uncle Fest Tour, with Chicago being the last stop of the tour. (more…)

Relient K @ House of Blues
Relient K

I just got back from shooting the last stop of the Uncle Fest tour at the House of Blues tonight.

It was a fun show, all the bands had lots of energy, and I met some really great people. I wanted to post a few pictures, since a few caught my eye as I was sorting through them. Proper write-ups with show impressions and shooting notes to come, but here is something to tide you over until those posts are ready! (more…)