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This is a long one, I apologize. Too much goodness went on during this shoot. Cereal and watermelons were flying, body paint was used, and last but not least, there was jello wrestling. I mean, how often to do you get to experience jello wrestling… especially in an apartment in Wrigleyville?

First of all, credit for this amazing video goes to Kyle Cogan, director of the video…. if you watch JBTV, you might recognize his name from the credits. He’s pretty great.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I have to give a shoutout to Kyle Dee, singer of The Frantic, for learning the words to “Blackout Brigade” backwards. It sounded as if he were speaking in demonic tongues, but I’m sure it’ll look great in the video.

Basically, this shoot was filled with great people. A ton of local musicians came out to support and lend their face/body, as well as oodles of local music fans. It was teamwork at it’s finest.

And, to wrap it up… if you’re in Chicago, head out to The Frantic’s CD release show at Subterranean tomorrow, Saturday, April 2nd. You should pick up a CD while you’re there too…not only will it be awesome, but I might have had a hand in some of the photos.


Now that some of the members of Last Fast Action are quite busy with Audio Is King, they don’t play very often, so it’s a treat when they do. I’m looking forward to the new CD that is slated to come out in the next few months!


Ludo is one of my favorites. Through the past eight years I’ve seen them go through line-up changes, several CDs, and countless concerts, and I’m never disappointed. Through it all, they always manage to keep their show fresh and entertaining.

For this show, their big surprise was asking their fans to have a seat on the floor and to be very quiet. They then headed out to the center of the venue and performed “Love Me Dead” a capella. It was a pretty amazing moment.


Love AM Taxi. They’re just so good.

Got a bit of extra time with them this night, as I did some super quick promos before the show, and then was able to shoot their whole set. I have to admit though… a few times, I almost forgot I was shooting and started to stand there and watch. That doesn’t always happen… proof of what a great show they put on.

The below was actually before the set. Had to include it though. Dorks.


Almost two years to the day of the last time I shot Bottle of Justus at House of Blues, I shot them again, as they headlined the show I was shooting for AM Taxi (photos of that next post!).