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Last Fast Action Promos - Band

I’ve been posting so many live pictures, that I thought it was time to change it up a bit.

A few days ago, I picked up the prints from a roll of 120 film that I shot with my Yashica-A TLR.  I’m so used to the ease and speed of digital, that it takes me a while to finish up a roll of film, because I often just grab my digital kit and run.  I have to make a definite effort to shoot film.  So, basically, when I develop a roll of a film, I usually forget what pictures are on it.

This roll was no different. (more…)

Quietdrive Promos

We’ll take a break from live pictures to post a few promos.

I originally took promos of Quietdrive a few years ago, and we had been trying to do another quick promo session for a while. Finally, they came back through town and we planned to do a few more photos before the show. These are the result! (more…)