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5 (More) Amazing Concert Photographers

Over a year ago, I did a post on some concert photographers I admire, and while I still adore each and every one of them, I think it’s high time for a part two. I like all of these photographers for different reasons, and all of their work is very different. Each has something that makes them stand out above the rest for me. These are some of the people that make me excited to check my RSS feed.


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My Best of 2009

Ok, so this about a week late… sorry, I had a TON of pictures to go through!  But, some good came of all the time spent going through images… I didn’t realize what a crazy year 2009 had been. One could even say it was jam-packed.  I apologize in advance for the length of this post…it’s hard to narrow down a year with so many spectacular events!

In fact, some numbers for this year:

-78 shows (+ uncounted rehearsals, recordings, etc)
-194 sets
-39 venues
-13 cities
-6 states

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite things of 2009:

I’ve shot some incredible bands:

Dragonforce @ House of Blues

SR-71 @ Bourbon Street
(SR-71 – my favorite!)

Semi-Precious Weapons @ Bottom Lounge
(Semi-Precious Weapons)

Butch Walker @ The House of Blues
(Butch Walker)

I’ve done a bunch of backstage work (which I absolutely love doing, and want to continue in 2010):

Snowsera @ Subterranean

The Frantic backstage @ House of Blues

The Frantic backstage @ House of Blues

Kyle & Stubhy

I shot Mayhem Fest for the second year, and it remains one of my favorite festivals to shoot:

Marilyn Manson @ Mayhem Fest
(Marilyn Manson)

Bullet For My Valentine @ Mayhem Fest
(Bullet For My Valentine)

Slayer @ Mayhem Fest

Killswitch Engage @ Mayhem Fest
(Killswitch Engage)

I shot all five nights of our alternative stations’ major year-end concert, Twisted:

The Used @ House of Blues (Twisted)
(The Used)

The Bravery @ House of Blues (Twisted)
(The Bravery)

As Tall As Lions @ House of Blues (Twisted)
(As Tall As Lions)

Sick Puppies @ House of Blues (Twisted)
(Sick Puppies)

Rev Theory @ House of Blues (Twisted)
(Rev Theory)

Shinedown @ House of Blues (Twisted)

I went to SXSW for the first time (although I still haven’t edited most of the photos… whoops):

2009 SXSW: Day 1

2009 SXSW: Hotel Rehearsal

2009 SXSW: Day 1

I saw Metallica for the first time. Also a first, I photographed a show with a point & shoot (oh LX3, how I love you):

Metallica @ Allstate Arena

Metallica @ Allstate Arena

After many years of being frustrated, I think I might have finally learned the timing for capturing the jump shot:

Rise Against @ Summerfest

The Frantic @ Summerfesty

The Frantic @ The Metro

I shot a stage adaptation of one of my favorite records EVER, Ludo’s Broken Bride:

Broken Bride @ Dominican University

I got a fisheye to inject a little fun into some shots:

Dr. Manhattan @  Beat Kitchen

Munroe @ The House of Blues

I did some behind-the-scenes stuff on a major label video shoot:

Company of Thieves "Pressure" Shoot

Company of Thieves "Pressure" Shoot

And somehow, I managed to squeeze a few band promos in there:

Quietdrive Promos (2009)

Joey Marcantonio

I Love 120 Film

Thanks to all the bands, publicists, and friends who have been wonderful thoughout this year!

Wolfgang Schaefer @ Subterranean

Wolfgang Schaefer opened up the Snowsera/We The Living show at Subterranean. Not knowing a thing about Wolfgang Schaefer before he took the stage (aside from the fact that he had a cool name), I was pretty impressed. A singer-songwriter, it was just him and his guitar onstage. His songs were good, his voice was great, and he had a fantastic stage personality. At one point, someone yelled for “Freebird” (they always do), and Wolfgang threatened to play the whole thing, but to do the guitar solo vocally. It was a vicious threat. (more…)

The Frantic @ Summerfest

This post came about randomly. As all concert photographers do, I take a lot more pictures than I post.  I generally try to cull images down to a handful of the best shots of each performer, so I have a nice mix that is representative of the band.  Well, as I was going through my shots from Summerfest and House of Blues, I had a hard time of getting rid of pictures of Brett.  It seemed that in each one, he was making a face, especially in the Summerfest pictures.  And not just a “drummer face” but a face.  Even backstage at House of Blues.

I realized that these faces needed their own blog time, as a tribute to the very energetic Brett :) (more…)

Jacinta's Blurb Book
A Scrap of Noise, a photobook by Jacinta Mathews

This is a post of a different sort.

I get so much help and inspiration from several concert photographers, that I would like to give them a little recognition (and some linkage). The individuals mentioned all know their stuff, and put a ton of heart and soul into their work, and it shows. Concert photography is a hard business, but their pictures look effortless. Those I point out here should most definitely be on your radar; add them on friends on Flickr or RSS their blog feeds, you won’t be sorry. (more…)