Yearly, Ludo plays “A Very Ludo Christmas” in their hometown of St. Louis. This show always promises to be a wonderland of large decorations, costumed characters, and craziness. Up until this last year, it was always something we heard about, but never were able to see. But, this time, Ludo brought the show to Chicago too, which was wonderful, because Chicago loves them. As you can tell from the photos, there was no holding back: a candy cane arch surrounded the stage, presents/Christmas tress/angels/garland adorned the stage, confetti was flying, and even Santa came out to say hi. Since these are photos, you can’t see that Christmas carols were sung, but trust me, they were.

Definitely the Christmas party of the year.

Left to Right: Augie and Dan (from Last Fast Action), Tom and Tim (from The Plain White Ts)

Shooting Notes

As I mentioned with the Treaty of Paris set, the decorations were sometimes difficult to shoot around, but by the time Ludo came out, I had a few ideas of how to use them to my advantage (for example, with this shot of Andrew, I was shooting through some garland). The lighting for Ludo’s set also had a lot of front white light, which was nice (and unusual) for Metro, so I was able to focus more on catching moments and composition rather than adjusting to ever changing light. And, as it WAS a Ludo show, there was plenty going on to take photos of.

Additionally, Ludo shows are always a big reunion for me, as so many friends of mine love them, so it was fun taking some candids after the show (as you can tell).

Shot with Canon 5DIIs, along with the 50mm, 70-200mm, and 16-35mm… and maybe a touch of the 35mm f/1.4 (?).

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