The thing about Ludo is that they always try to top themselves, and that they are great at not taking life too seriously. This tour was named Space Dracula’s Basketball Expo, and as you can tell, the band (and audience) dressed up to celebrate the theme. I give guitarist Tim Ferrell huge props for wearing his astronaut suit the whole time, because it was super hot in Bottom Lounge.

Those Ludo boys are dedicated.

Shooting Notes

Whenever I shoot at Bottom Lounge, I always feel like I had a really hard time balancing the light, and then after I get home and sort through the images, feel that it wasn’t so bad after all. I think it always works out because there is generally some white light mixed in the strong magenta washes that are often prevalent there.

For this set, I shot primarily from the sides of the stage, with a range of prime lenses as well as the 70-200mm f/2.8L. Stage left was the clear winner for lighting, with a light being positioned perfectly to get some rim and/or flare (depending on position of the performers), however, because of how Ludo positions themselves on stage, stage right was the better side for capturing the action. I also hung out behind the amps for a bit, both trying to get some closeups of drummer Matt Palermo, but also to get shots of the audience from the stage point-of-view. In fact, the last shot (which is from that angle) is one of my favorite shots of the evening.

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