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This is a post of a different sort.

I get so much help and inspiration from several concert photographers, that I would like to give them a little recognition (and some linkage). The individuals mentioned all know their stuff, and put a ton of heart and soul into their work, and it shows. Concert photography is a hard business, but their pictures look effortless. Those I point out here should most definitely be on your radar; add them on friends on Flickr or RSS their blog feeds, you won’t be sorry.

Below are some of my favorite photos, one from each photographer, along with links to their blogs/Flickr (and I hope they don’t sue me for taking pictures off their Flickr ;))

Todd Owyoung | Flickr | www.ishootshows.com

Chris Owyoung | Flickr | www.onelouderphoto.com

Jacinta Mathews | Flickr | www.jacintamathews.com

FG | Flickr | www.fg-photos.com

Mary Ouellette | Flickr | www.theywillrockyou.com

Honorable Mentions
(or, other really awesome photographers that you need to check out…in no particular order)

Do you have any concert photographers that you adore? Link them in the comments!

(PS. I know I forgot people, and I’m going to feel really bad when I think of them)

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